For The Win Gaming OGL
Designation: Gari
Hobbies: Video Games, Basketball, Baseball, Sports, Programming, Parties, Movies, TV
Email: malagari@gmail.com
Favorite Games: Counter-Strike: Source, Half Life, Rock Band, Guitar Hero, Crysis
Age: 29
Location: Vestal, NY, USA
Hometown: Vestal, NY, USA
Favorite Rifle: AK-47
Favorite SMG: MP5 Navy
Favorite Pistol: USP
Favorite Map: de_nuke
Steam ID: 0:1:915477

My Gaming Rig

The Beast

System Info
Date Built: 9/23/2006
Fan Count: 5
Power Supply
Manufacturer: Ultra X2
Wattage: 550
Manufacturer: Intel
Model Number: Pentium D 945
Core: Dual HT
Clock Speed: 3.4GHz
Front Side Bus: 800MHz
Heat Sink: Stock
Manufacturer: OCZ
Size: 3GB Dual Channel
Speed: 667MHz DDR2
Graphics Card
Count: 2
Manufacturer: nVidia
Model: 7600 GT KO
Manufacturer: ASUS
Model: P5NSLI
Hard Drive 1
Manufacturer: Maxtor
Model: Diamondback
Size: 300GB
Speed: 7200RPM
Hard Drive 2
Manufacturer: Maxtor
Model: Diamondback
Size: 160GB
Speed: 7200RPM
Hard Drive 3
Manufacturer: Maxtor
Model: Diamondback
Size: 30GB
Speed: 7200RPM
Manufacturer: Powmax
Model: BBQ
Keyboard: Logitech G15
Mouse: Logitech G7
Headset: Altec Lansing SRS

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