For The Win Gaming OGL
Designation: DJ_ChinaMan
Hobbies: Did I mention I like shotguns. I also like hockey, beer, music, women, beer, women, cars. Best of all, I hate THOSE people. You know the ones. You could be one of them.
Email: william_b_lee@hotmail.com
Favorite Games: Connect-four, Jenga Ultimate Extreme II
Age: 34
Location: Toronto, Ontario, Canada
Hometown: Toronto, Ontario, Canada
Favorite Rifle: Shotgun to her face
Favorite SMG: Shotgun to his face
Favorite Pistol: Shotgun to your face
Favorite Map: Google Maps
Steam ID: 0:0:5580501

My Gaming Rig

My Computer

System Info
Date Built: 0/0/0000
Power Supply
Manufacturer: Seasonic
Wattage: 550
Manufacturer: Intel
Model Number: E-6750
Core: Two
Clock Speed: 2.6
Front Side Bus: 1333
Manufacturer: Nvidia
Size: 2x1GB
Speed: PC6400
Graphics Card
Manufacturer: BFG
Model: 8800 GTS OC2 640MB
Hard Drive 1
Hard Drive 2
Hard Drive 3

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